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You've booked your magical makeup artist for your special event or perhaps your wedding day. You've attended the event or you were the bright and beautiful bride. You've received hundreds of loving compliments and you felt absolutely gorgeous.

Although you never want to take the makeup off, the time has come to go to bed. And I would highly recommend to never go to bed, whilst leaving your makeup on. 

I'm about to reveal the FAST 5-STEP NIGHT ROUTINE to treat your skin, without taking to much of your night time.
You can now take your beauty sleep and wake up radiant, filled with your best memories.

Fast 5-step NIGHT routine after the makeup service before going to bed

1. Take off the false lashes Best way to take off your false individual or strip lashes, massage a bit of oil-based eye makeup remover, coconut oil or any other gentle oil for about 20 seconds. This way you will directly soak off your eye makeup. Use a soft lukewarm cloth or wet cotton pad to gently take of the oil and the false lashes. Make sure NOT to rub your lashes nor eyelids. 

2.Use an oil or balm-based cleanser Massage the cleanser onto your face and neck, this way your makeup will melt of your skin. Use a soft lukewarm cloth to undo the first step of your skin cleansing routine.

3. Double Cleanse is highly recommended Depending on your skin type, you may now use your daily face cleanser. Personally, I suggest to do step 2 while you’re in the shower. This way you can rinse off step 2, or you may use a lukewarm cloth to undo the second step of your skin cleansing routine.

4. Lotion Use a lotion to PH Balance your skin

5. Overnight mask  This is an absolute treat for your skin. You will wake up refreshed and your skin will be soft, smooth and radiant.

tina derkse - international make up artist thailand - savourbytina
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