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It might be very extra, but it will be very efficient to create an on-the-go makeup bag.
This way you'll always be prepared for the unexpected 

» Touch up during the day
»  Invitation to a fancy dinner after work 
» Party - 'Bangkok' Traffic Jam will not aloud you to go home
» Date night
Tropical Rain , these can be very heavy in Thailand

Here you will find the 7 MUST HAVES FOR YOUR ON-THE-GO MAKEUP BAG.
From now on, you will insure yourself of a makeup look in any circumstance. 

The 7 Must haves for your on-the-go makeup bag

1. Hand Sanitize Before you apply any makeup, clean your hands.
2. SPF
  I'm pretty sure you've heard this a thousand times, but ALWAYS wear SPF. And make sure you re-apply during the day. You can use a cream/lotion and gently dab it, powder SPF or a spray/mist. 
3. Concealer Best way to touch up and brighten your under eyes would be a concealer that is lightweight and brightening. 
4. Compact Powder to reduce the oily T-zone. Use blotting papers first then the compact powder. 
5. Bronze and Glow Add a bronze to give a bit of color and contour. Then add glow on the your highest features.  
6. Mascara go from day to date with an extra amount of mascara.
7. Lipstick is an absolute game changer. If you've found the perfect shade you'll be able to enhance your full face. Apply it on your lips and cheeks.

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