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The wedding day is marked on your calendar, the theme is covered and you’ve found your dream gown. 

With all eyes on you, not to mention photos you’ll keep forever, of course you want to look perfect on your big day. This means feeling confident with a makeup and hairstyle that will work in harmony with what nature has blessed you is no less then a superiority. 

Sometimes it can be tough to imagine what look suits you best, without trying. That’s why bridal trial sessions are highly recommended. This is the time, to find out which makeup and hairstyle suits you best, to become your most bright and beautiful self on your wedding day.  

Continue reading to find out the
 You can then take comfort in the fact you’ll look mesmerizing on the wedding day itself.

The Big 10 Bridal Trial Tips To get the best out of your trial

1. Wear your usual makeup When you arrive at the trial. Or wear your ‘special’ occasional makeup look. This will help, to see the amount and intensity of the makeup and colours/textures you are used to wear.

2. Dress for success Wear a top or dress that is similar in colour and style to your wedding dress. Tip: Cut the neckline of a white T-shirt to match your wedding gown. Also bring along pictures of the dress, then we can complement the whole look.

3. Do your research Have a selection of inspirational images of makeup looks and hairstyles you would like to refer to. You can find them on Pinterest or Instagram. Ideally you may choose images of woman who have similar skin type/tone and hair as yourself. We’ll be unpacking every picture to know what you like about it, to clearly understand how ‘natural’ your natural is and how ‘smokey’ you want your eyes to be.

4. Be realistic in what is achievable when comparing to Pinterest or Instagram images. Heavy contouring might look great on camera enhanced with light and filters but in the reality, it might be a bit overwhelming. Everything, including contouring, can be achieved with a less dramatic and more flattering effect which will still look great in photographs as in real life.

5. Come alone Try not to bring your mother or any friends who tent to be too opinionated – they could impact your decision! It is a one to one appointment, the last thing you want is your friend talking about herself and her favourite products.

6. Hair prep If you’re having a hair trial, arrive with freshly washed and blow-dried hair without any use of products. The hairstylist will only use high quality products, meaning your hair will be protected and prepped to make the hairstyle to last.

7. Bring your veil or any other accessories you’ve already chosen to dial up your hairstyle.

8. Keep it as our little secret When the trial session is finished, photos will be taken from the total look. These photos will be used for your wedding day, to create the same look as we’ve done during our trial. Do not share the pictures before the big reveal on the wedding day. In case you’ll go home or to see your fiancé after the trail, the makeup artist can add/change some elements in the look, to keep it as a surprise!

9. Bridesmaids You want your bridesmaids to blend beautifully with your wedding. Therefor you might want to bring along profile photos of your bridesmaids and inspirational images of the look you have in mind for them. Meaning, the makeup and hairstyle, as well as the total styling. 

10. Enjoy every moment of the trial, as this is one of the most fundamental moments prior to your wedding.

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